How Whisky Is Made

You know that wine’s made from grapes.  They’re grown on vines then they’re crushed, the liquid is fermented, aged for a bit and then bottled.  It gets sent to the supermarket or wine shop and you pick it up from there.

But what about whisky?  How’s that made?  Isn’t it incredibly complicated and mysterious?

Through feedback, readers have asked for a simple description of how whisky’s made so we’ve put together a piece of show-and-tell for you – whether you’re off to a corporate event, out on a big date or just want something new to talk about click on the link below…

Joel Harrison of Cask Strength Creative

At Malt Whisky 100 we’ve asked some of our top friends in the whisky industry to share their favourite whiskies costing less than £100.

Our first tasting guru is Joel Harrison of Cask Strength Creative who talks about three of his favourite single malt whiskies under £100…

The Cask Strength Blog

The Cask Strength Blog