Tasting Sheets

Here at Malt Whisky 100, we’ve developed two useful tasting sheets to help you get started with or improve your own tastings and record your whisky experiences.

Below are links to these two downloadable resources.  One is a sheet giving you options for how the whisky appears – on the nose, on the palate and the finish.  The second is a “glass sheet”.  It sounds simple, but it’s really handy when you’re tasting multiple drams as it helps you to keep track of everything.

Simply click on the link and then hit “print” or use the keyboard shortcut of “ctrl” + “P” at the same time and follow the instructions.  Once you’ve printed them, hit the back button to return to this page.  Simples.

Tasting Notes Sheet

Tasting Sheet for glasses

A final thought before we slope off to a little tasting of our own.  To become (or at least appear) a consummate pro about all things whisky, take a wander through the wonderful whisky glossary that Master of Malt has put together.  It will explain all those technical words you didn’t know (or couldn’t spell) and help you to grow as one of the whisky community.  Check it out here: