The Whisky Market Ltd tastes Aberlour A’bunadh Batch 37 for Malt Whisky 100.

A’bunadh is a cask strength single malt whisky made by the Aberlour distillery in Scotland.  The name of the expression “A’bunadh” is the Scottish Gaelic way of saying “of the origin”.

Rather than creating an age statement whisky, showing how long it has been in cask, A’bunadh is released in “batches” of limited size i.e. number of bottles.  Each batch is unique, being married from barrels with an age range of five to twenty-five years.

A’bunadh has a classic sherry-finish as it is aged only in Spanish oak sherry butts giving it a softer, sweeter flavour than many other single malts.  A’bunadh is non-chill filtered which is a process by which whisky is cooled to a temperature around 0° celsius and passed through an adsorption filter.  This removes any residue that might produce cloudiness in the finished produce but is thought by some to affect the final flavour of the whisky and so is not universally employed.

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